Gagan loves two things: the original Alien and people who know the original Alien is the best Alien movie. 

Kira wants to share the benefits of a sequel with more Dragons and less win button. 

Disappointing sequel feels like a dragging age. 

Talk about a knock-out.

I remember the first time I saw my co-op partner. It was near the beginning of the game. I was in a large, circular ravine, trying to rebuild a shattered bridge by collecting pieces of cloth that would span the gaps.

It may be an appetizer to the main course that is the Wii U game, but it's a damn good appetizer. Good enough to be a full meal for a lot of people.

Let's hunt some orc.


Push button, receive story.

A laborious affair that doesn't test player skill, but their willingness to have their time wasted. 

And it was all yellow...