Best of gen 7 series continues with the best ensemble award for the 7th generation of gaming. 

This week the podcast crew is back on the best of generation 7 grind with a discussion on who were the best characters of the generation. 

This week the podcast crew is back to retcon the best third person shooter list because Gagan messed up. Also Aljosa went out of his way to troll Gagan the entire podcast, because reasons. 

The Endless Backlog podcast crew is joined by guests this week from the Pedal to the Metal podcast from Point Insertion on Youtube to talk Destiny. We talk the good, the bad, and a righteous rant on Bungie's place among the best developers. 

The podcast is crew is back after a brief hiatus with an entire show dedicated to Japanese role playing games. We talk about what makes the genre tick, what makes the genre not tick, and then we end up with what ticks Gagan off. Also William hasn't played Chrono Trigger, what a baboon. 

This week we have another addition to our best of gen 7 series, as we rank the best downloadable/indie games of gen 7. 

This week on the Endless Backlog Podcast the boys talk about the recent Silent Hills demo and video game marketing. 

The podcast crew this week talks a ton about the games they have been playing, from the likes of Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea to Ultra Street Fighter 4. 

The podcast crew this week tackles the the legacy and current standing of the Tomb Raider franchise. We cover how and why the franchise was successful in the 90s, why it had a drop off, and why the reboot is worth a spin. We even find enough time to add in a new member to the team, have in depth conversations about Shampoo, and find time to talk about The Rise of The Tomb Raider "exclusivity". 

This week the boys talk about Wolfenstein: The New Order from Machine Games on episode 27 of the Brocast. Gagan, Phil, and Will break down the aesthetic, the tight action, the encounter design, and the bold decision to have 2 sex scenes in one video game.