Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza, and Rare is making a new game? Must be Microsoft's 2015 E3 Press Conference. 

We begin our E3 podcasting week with Bethesda. 

The podcast crew shares their excitement for E3 2015. 

This week we talk Wasdie games.

We came back from our week off with our reaction to all the news of the last 2 weeks like - Valve selling mods, Battlefront 3 footage, and the annual announcement of a Call of Duty game. 

Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Knights of The Old REPUBLIC!! Oh my

Chris and Gagan run their mouths for an hour about Bloodborne. Also, Ben is there. 

A quick retrospective episode of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls

The podcast crew tries to stay excited about 2015

Gagan wanted to talk about how awesome the Bayonetta games are, so he made an entire podcast dedicated to the games.