Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza, and Rare is making a new game? Must be Microsoft's 2015 E3 Press Conference. 

The Endless Backlog Podcast crew of Ben, Will, Chris, and Gagan break down the Bethesda E3 press conference. 

The crew shares their hopes and dreams for E3 2015, also Gagan decides to bet against The Last Guardian. 

Gagan and Adam take over podcasting duties for this week and mouth off on Wasdie games. From how cool Cities Skylines is, how badass Killing Floor is, and exactly what the hell Running with Rifles is. 

We came back from our week off with our reaction to all the news of the last 2 weeks like - Valve selling mods, Battlefront 3 footage, and the annual announcement of a Call of Duty game. 

The EB podcast crew has an impromptu origin story throwdown before we get into the Final Fantasy 15 demo, the latest Resident Evil, and Hotline Miami 2. Also, someone is playing Knights of the Old Republic for the first time so Gagan had to share his crappy reason for why he disliked it. 

Chris and Gagan run their mouths for an hour about Bloodborne. Also, Ben is there. This week on the Endless Backlog Podcast we talk about Bloodborne.

Gagan felt that during Bloodborne week, that we should do a retrospective episode on Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. So Ben and William took time out of watching The Wire and playing Final Fantasy Type 0 to talk Demon's Souls and Dark Souls with Gagan. Because, Bloodborne. 

The podcast crew tries to stay excited about 2015

Gagan forces Ben and Brian to join his crusade about celebrating how glorious the two Bayonetta games are.