Hey, it's time for another episode of The Endless Brocast. This week, the Brocast Crew dig deep into investigating anything and everything Titanfall. We give you the dirty secrets of wall running and dropping a titan on your enemies, and go over the grand conspiracy that ignited this truly, eventful, emotional (it's totally none of those things), and completely pointless war between the IMC and the Militia. We also discuss some of our favorite multiplayer games, and try to point out what makes a truly great MP title that will stand the test of time. Gagan and Will rail against metagames in multiplayer titles, but Chris takes the time to point out why they can add to a game's longevity. Finally, Will has to dip out to avoid spoilers so Chris and Gagan can go over what they loved so much about True Detective. Also Woody Harrelson face.

Hey, it's that time of the week again for another dose of The Endless Brocast. This week on Episode 9 we'll break down the big stories of last week. From how we are excited but cautious when it comes to Batman: Arkham Knight because of the not so flattering aspects of Batman: Arkham Origins. To talking about our sheer confusion to the news of Amy Hennig no longer being a part of Naughty Dog. We tip our hat to Jack Tretton, William gives us a run down of the latest entry in the Thief franchise, and Big Papi Phil answers anything and everything as it relates to South Park. So kick back, grab a beer, and enjoy Episode 9. Also Timestamps.

Hey, it's time for episode 8 of the Endless Brocast, in which The Endless Brocast crew breaks down anything and everything relating to the Dead Rising franchise. From the glorious Frank West (according to Chris, he's covered floors) to the perceived flaws (because Gagan thinks they are perceived flaws) to everyone's favorite member of the Dead Rising family: the friendly AI. Because very few things in this lifetime satisfy Justin's quest for eternal happiness like escort missions with stupid escorts. We also share our week-late latest on Twitch Plays Pokemon, and what we thought were going to the major hurdles going forward. Oh and Gagan was sick while doing this. What a trooper.

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Hey it's time for Episode 7 of the Endless Brocast, in which the Endless Brocast Crew breaks down the internet phenomenon that is Twitch Plays Pokemon before going over the not-so-pleasant news with Irrational. Gagan corrects an error, Phil shares his thoughts on countdowns, and Will... well he's just there. We ponder whether Ken Levine or Take-Two is to blame for Irrational's closure, and discuss the possibility that it might be due to something else entirely. Praise be to Helix.

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In the episode, the Brocast crew goes over a handful of games they've been playing, compares and contrast the way time limits are handled in Pikmin 3 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and discusses the value and potential impact of a MP only game like Titanfall. In addition, we discuss Flappy Bird and give our take on the latest Nintendo Direct. So join Bruce, big daddy Phillipe, Christopher "Straight out of" Compton, Will, and your broast: Gagan. 

The Endless Brocast Crew is here with Episode 5 of The Endless Brocast. In this episode we discuss the return of Sonic The Hedgehog and friends, the defense of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes' $20 or $30 price points and have a discussion on value in gaming.

The Endless Brocast Crew is back with Episode 4 of the Brocast. In this episode, we talk about games we’ve actually been playing lately. From recent titles such as The Banner Saga and Broken Age; to the excellent Valkyria Chronicles, Twilight Princess and fifth game on our five game Game of The Year list, The Wonderful 101.

The Endless Brocast Crew is back with Episode 3 of our Endless Brocast. In this episode, we discuss Microsoft's purchase of the Gears of War IP, Mario Kart, the latest news of Treasure making a new game, gaming terminology we hate, the big rumored Microsoft leak that occurred last week on NeoGAF and the absolutely amazing stories that have come from Eve Online in the past few years. So join Christopher Compton, Justin McBride, Philip Hartmeyer, Aljosa Kljujic (or however you spell his last name) and your host Gagandeep Singh for our Endless Brocast.

The Brocast crew in their second podcast on the new website.

The first episode of the Endless Backlog Podcast.