On this week's episode Gagan, Ben, and Chris spoil Nier: Automata and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

Chris, Ben, and Gagan begin 2018 by discussing Divinity, Wolfenstein, Persona, Nier, Horizon, and Mario. See, we weren't that lazy while we weren't posting podcasts. 

On Episode 119, which we recorded during the ALDS and didn't publish until 2018 was about that loot box talk. 

On episode 118 we discussed Yakuza 0 right before Gagan and Ben argued about skipping boss fights. There is also Absolver, Heat Signature, and Hollow Knight. 

On episode 117 we discuss Spla2n puns, Xbox One X, Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider, and Pyre. 

This podcast is all about Gagan and Ben getting their chicken dinner. 

Chris, Gagan, Phil, and Ben discuss achievements, Hollow Knight, Firewatch, and Nier Automata.

Ben got Player Unknown's Battle Grounds, Gagan started The Banner Saga 2, and Phil played some Birth by Sleep. 

On this week's podcast Chris, Gagan, and Phil discuss the concepts of immersion, fantasies, and the rules of nature. 

Chris, Gagan, and William excuse for not playing a video game this week was that they just had to discuss ludonarrative dissonance, again.