Chris, Gagan, and William excuse for not playing a video game this week was that they just had to discuss ludonarrative dissonance, again. 

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Time stamps

0:00:43 - Podcast begins.
0:05:40 - We saw a bunch of movies. 
0:18:35 - Ludonarrative dissonance/Folding Ideas video talk.
1:11:05 - Gagan's nephew story
1:15:10 - We begin wrapping up.

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#1 Foolz 2017-11-07 21:59
So, the problem with discobiscuits applied in this way, is you're essentially discussing whether you "buy into the bullshit" or not.

Like the Megan Fox shit. The difference between Bayonetta and Megan Fox in Transformers is Transformers is written by even bigger hacks, has a worse aesthetic, and worse cinematography than fucking Bayonetta. It's not because she's a sex object, but because she has no reason to be one.

But, consider this, there's also no real reason for any of her other character traits. Bayonetta is a bad bitch because that makes her cool as fuck. Megan Fox is there because people think she's hot, and Michael Bay wants to make cash money. It's not that complicated.

And 90% of the stuff y'all were talking about as being important to narrative, like the design of Bayonetta and Street Fighter, is A E S T H E T I C S, not narrative lol.

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