It's that time of the year where we crown our 2016 Game of the Year. The podcast being this long is all Ben's fault. 

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Time Stamps

0:00:20 - Podcast Begins
0:02:25 - Everyone's top 5
0:05:00 - Honorable Mentions
0:13:00 - Overwatch, The Witness, Doom, The Last Guardian, and Hitman get locked into our top 10 and talked about. 
0:44:50 - The cutting process begins
0:45:06 - Star Fox Zero nonsense
0:48:00 - Pocket Card talk
0:54:50 - Stephen's Sausage Roll
1:09:00 - Clustertruck talk
1:12:00 - Furi 
1:22:20 - Pokemon talk
1:38:20 - Will offers a mass cut, fuck that
1:38:47 - Uncharted 4 gets cut by Gagan
1:50:50 - Monster Hunter talk
1:52:53 - XCom 2 talk
1:59:40 - World of Warcraft: Legion talk
2:06:50 - Expansion rule talk
2:10:30 - Superhot talk
2:15:45 - Dark Souls 3 talk
2:21:20 - Titanfall 2, Dark Souls 3, Blood and Wine, and World of Warcraft get cut. With a lot of Titanfall 2 talk
2:26:45 - Battlefield 1 talk
2:35:30 - Tokyo Mirage Sessions talk
2:38:20 - Oxenfree talk
2:46:50 - Clustertruck vs XCom 2 talk, and we have 10 games. 
2:51:19 - Ben proposes a top 10 order
2:53:25 - Gagan wants Oxenfree lower
2:55:00 - The Last Guardian vs Doom for number 3 on the list
3:05:50 - Overwatch talk
3:15:00 - The Witness talk
3:26:30 - Brian gets to pick our GOTY
3:37:00 - Gagan reads our top 10 and our 2016 GOTY
3:39:50 - We begin wrapping up. 

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#3 AngelsandDemons 2017-02-18 07:29
That was good editing. Although, I have to say when it's all said and done, it's difficult to predict your picks. Overwatch did not dominate your podcast discussions for the year nor did the Witness; so, hearing so much debate over the titles was a surprise. In addition, it seemed like there was eventually more comments against Doom and it's weaknesses than regarding what it did well. Glad you got this out of the way.
#2 Foolz 2017-02-14 07:04
So you can edit posts, but can only write short ones, and can't post 2 comments in a row quickly. Fuck this site's comment system, too. :(

Oxenfree: I like it, too, but I do think the dialogue stuff isn't that cool. It's pretty obvious when stuff is relevant, and doesn't take any thought or need to pay much attention to things to achieve what you want. Plus the characters are generic film teenagers, rather than interesting ones.

The two contenders for GOTY had the least interesting arguments. Still not sure what's cool about Overwatch, nor if it's precise or not considering giant hitboxes lol, and The Witness sounds like it's kinda hard to encapsulate unlike Braid. Puzzles sound less creative than Braid from most comments on it as well.
#1 Foolz 2017-02-14 07:03
Clustertruck should've made top 10 instead of X-Com 2 which sounded like more of the same. Yes it had a "wrinkle" but the stuff Gagan really enjoyed sounded exactly like X-Com.

Pokemon Go, like Rocket League, is the secret GOTY this year. The argument against mechanics was weak, how is all the amazing shit Pokemon Go did not directly because of the mechanics?

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