We're back with a new podcast to start the year by releasing this podcast late as hell. So you get to listen to us talk about stuff everybody else talked about over a month ago, hooray!!

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Time Stamps

0:00:19 - Podcast Begins 
0:08:15 - Gagan's game beaten list. He didn't beat another game in 2016
0:12:30 - Dishonored 2 talk, sort of. 
0:15:50 - Uncahrted 4 talk. 
0:19:50 - We take a quick break, and Chris is back to talk Uncharted 4. 
0:32:20 - FPS tangent. 
0:40:00 - Hitman talk
0:54:30 - Nintendo Switch
1:00:50 - The Video Game Awards 2016
1:28:50 - Team Fortress v Overwatch talk
1:45:45 - Blizzard review policy
2:03:00 - We begin finishing up. 

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#5 Foolz 2017-02-10 04:52
A world in which all FPSs are Doom or anti-Doom would be a world with lots of great FPSs lol.

El-P is great live. Don't know about RTJ. That performance was awkward as shit.
#4 AngelsandDemons 2017-01-26 14:11
Congratulations ....not many podcasts reach 100....I hope we continue to up our game in 2017....I know you guys do this for the love but I hope you don't stay lazy and get hungrier. Really looking forward to your spoilercast.... I loved the Wolfenstein.... Feed us more!!!
#3 Blabadon 2017-01-25 15:58
Also, the FPS discussion was fun, more off topic discussions like that please.
#2 Blabadon 2017-01-24 19:41
Lmao @ Gagan wanting people to agree with him, but Ben didn't. Try again you baby.

The reason I said you're a dick was related to what you yourself said about Halo Reach. If you don't participate in the game itself, for whatever (cereal related reason), that's on you. I said it added tension because I played the game when the situation was presented to me, and in that way, it worked brilliantly.
#1 skinny_man_69 2017-01-20 21:42
Some podcasts might do something special for their 100th episode. We just upload a month late. Love you guys

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