On this week's show Brian joins us to talk about becoming a Japanese pop star in Tokyo Mirage Session, Gagan talks about how confident Uncharted 4 is, Ben and Chris make guest appearances, and the crew shoots for the undisputed sloppiest podcast of the year. They got this. 

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Time Stamps

0:00:49 - Podcast Begins
0:04:20 - McDuckyswag on the Browns
0:07:40 - Chris beat Shadow of the Colossus 
0:12:30 - Shadow of the Colossus ending SPOILERS and talk
0:37:00 - Podcast break
0:37:25 - Podcast is back and upcoming anniversaries 
0:42:20 - Tokyo Mirage Sessions
1:00:00 - Ben's law school life
1:02:55 - Style Savy Demo
1:04:30 - Virginia Demo
1:10:50 - Gone Home pick up a thing mechanic
1:14:30 - EDF4 is basically Dynasty Warriors
1:18:00 - Gagan beat Uncharted 4 and then proceeds to talk about if for an hour
2:13:25 - Uncharted 4 SPOILER on Nadine
2:20:30 - We begin wrapping up

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#3 Foolz 2016-12-20 07:25
Fuck, that intro is actually like taking cocaine tbh.

Actually, Dante's Inferno is just gotta rescue chick, not even slay monsters on the way! :P Okay, maybe rescue chick + go on guided a bus tour of hell and heaven. From what I've read of it, Dante's Inferno is also pretty trashy at times, too, lol.

Rotating items is an OLD adventure game mechanic, usually a part of actual puzzle solving.

UC4 actually sounds good. My only worry is so much downtime, cause TLOU downtime was the worst, and this sounds like it's in a similar vein (story bs). But higher highs than TLOU mean it must get pretty fucking good at times, so probably worth sitting through the shit like TLOU was.
#2 Blabadon 2016-12-19 17:20
Gonna nerd out a bit:
1) "Eek-ko," not "Eye-ko" (which also applies to Nico's pronunciation)

2) I get not thinking the general religious work in it is nothing more in the vein of games that use it as window dressing, a la DMC 3 and what, Dante's Inferno, but I disagree. There is depth in the story beyond its simplicity that benefits from its religious tone; this is admittedly harder for me to get into seeing as I'm walking my dog (I know, terrible dog owner), but one good site for just diving into SotC: http://theforbiddenland.com/index.html

3) The guardian in The Last Guardian has feathers, not fur, but this is me being a nitpicky asshole commenting on a podcast recorded a while back.

4) The girl's name in SotC is Mono

5) It's pretty funny to think about how seminal of a moment Wander pulling away from the water at the end is has a trophy in the HD Collection for staying out of it for at least a minute. Gen 7, man.

6) I've always been of the opinion that you're controlling Wander on top of the horse, and not the horse itself. I don't think it's a pretentious position to hold as you see how your actions translate over to Wander, who then controls Agro. It doesn't "justify" Agro's controls (not that I particularly care to compel anyone otherwise), but it's always made sense to me.

7) I'm too lazy to YouTube it; does Dormin try to kill you or does he just see your sword at the beginning? Or is somewhere between both of those?

8 ) You're a dick for not participating in Uncharted 4's auction scene ;)

9) The HDR you're talking about is entirely different from the HDR in modern consoles.

10) Another game like SotC: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/802508750/prey-for-the-gods
#1 AngelsandDemons 2016-12-18 06:40
DAMN....no PSX or Game Awards Talk?.....I knew Gagan had something to say about Geoffe Keeley's man crush...LOL.... sigh....still thankful for what we have in the Internet's best amateur podcast :-)

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