Gagan hates Shadow Warrior, Ben loves Earth Defense Force, and William played Madden and King of Fighters. 

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Time stamps

0:00:00 - Gagan's favorite cold open. 
0:01:15 - Podcast Begins.
0:15:15 - Metroid Prime Federation Force is a thing. 
0:22:40 - Shadow Warrior talk begins, spoiler: Gagan hates it, a lot. 
0:51:25 - Earth Defense Force 4
1:10:30 - Titanfall 2 Technical test. 
1:31:55 - Madden NFL 17
1:45:45 - King of Fighters XIV
2:02:30 - Gagan talks Stories: Pathway into Destinies, and he spoils it. So SPOILER WARNING!!!
2:12:00 - We begin finishing up. 


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#2 Foolz 2016-12-30 08:07
Wifey in Sopronaos is the best bit is wrong with the ladies you know, bro? The character study should be about her.

Also, the beginning of Coronation Street was subtler than The Sopranos, also featured better studying of characters and shit, too.

Nearly every videogame already IS Groundhog Day the videogame if you think about it.

I like that this leads into Will's review getting shat on, cause it was apparent he was on a hiding to nothing with his impressions here lol. YouTube be savage.

Not hating on Will, people are dicks, system is shitty etc. etc.
#1 AngelsandDemons 2016-10-02 15:28
Great show....I enjoyed that Madden review from a person who hasn't played Madden before, I used to pick them up annually until about 2009; then things change. COD multiplayer became a time sink and friends coming over to do couch co-op disappeared as I moved farther from my grade school friends. Adult life and games like Mass Effect, Skyrim, and just watching real football pushed Madden further out of my life. I think the one thing you forgot to mention is that the games began adding very little new features year to year which made the casual Madden player constantly justify the yearly purchase. I remember hearing folks talk about just having a yearly update to rosters for those who didn't want a new full price disc sounded like a more interesting option. Great, tightly edited show.

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