The podcast crew discuss in detail the glory that is Resident Evil Remake, Dark Souls, Stephen's Sausage Roll, Legend of Dragoon, and Fallout 4. 

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0:01:11 - Podcast begins.
0:09:20 - Gagan's 52 check-in. 
0:13:35 - Resident Evil Remake is amazing. 
0:43:45 - Ben's favorite topping on a pizza. 
0:44:15 - Stephen's Sausage Roll. 
0:57:30 - Mirror's Edge and open world game design. 
1:16:30 - Chris is going to talk Fallout 4 and spoil stuff. So skip if you don't want to be spoiled. 
1:35:15 - The Witcher 3 talk.
1:41:47 - Planetside 2 patch talk. 
1:45:20 - Dark Souls with William.
1:55:25 - Legend of Dragoon. 
2:05:00 - We begin wrapping up. 

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