Chris, Gagan, and Aljosa get together to talk Hitman, Dark Souls 3, Nioh, and Playstation Neo. 

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0:00:54 - Podcast Begins.
0:07:53 - John Romero is making a new game!
0:11:00 - Gagan is back on Halo 5: Guardians.
0:14:45 - Xbox One BC and last year's E3 was actually really lame. 
0:18:11 - Nintendo NX skipping E3, Nintendo in 2016, and WiiU's place in console history. 
0:42:00 - Playstation Neo
0:53:20 - Dark Souls 3 Talk, and we spoil stuff, so skip ahead. 
1:25:30 - Aljosa loves himself some Hitman. 
1:33:15 - This gen has had some really good game mechanics. 
1:37:30 - Nioh Demo talk.
1:47:20 - Gears of War 4 beta.
1:59:00 - We begin finishing up.  

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