Chris, Gagan, and William share their thoughts on some old (not even that old) games they've been playing and Tracer's butt. 

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0:00:49 - Podcast Begins
0:19:30 - We finally begin talking about video games when we talk about Tracer's Butt
0:25:45 - Political correctness talk
0:29:45 - Hero Shooters
0:31:30 - Undertale humor > Borderlands humor
0:32:20 - David Hayter and Kojima stuff
0:40:30 - YouTube Lets play talk
0:55:30 - NX Rumor talk
1:00:25 - Chris beat Final Fantasy X
1:09:30 - Chris is playing League of Legends
1:19:20 - Gagan is playing Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin
1:45:00 - Will loves the first half of Grim Fandango, doesn't like the second half as much. Hold that L, Tom Towers
1:53:55 - Majora's Mask
2:17:10 - The Walking Dead Season 2 talk
2:24:10 - We begin wrapping up

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#1 Foolz 2016-04-24 12:26
But which Shakespeare will they write: one of the good Shakespeares, or one of the shit ones?

P.S. Don't you guys think of Will as a barometer for bad taste (you're a bunch of meanies)? So isn't that a W for me? Stone cold classic confirmed.

P.P.S. Good term: social studies warrior LOL. awful, awful term: hero shooter LOL.

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