Ben and Gagan share their thoughts on cross platform play, what to make of Obsidian's new upcoming game, and then break down Superhot, The Division, and Pokemon Yellow. 

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0:00:40 - Podcast Begins
0:02:10 - Ben went to a Magic The Gathering Tournament
0:10:00 - Gagan cleaned out his game room
0:14:30 - Cross Platform Play
0:21:50 - Obsidian's new IP Tyranny
0:25:25 - Pokken's Reviews
0:31:20 - Rising Thunder devs bought out by Riot Games
0:38:40 - VR Pricing
0:48:20 - Square-Enix's new JRPG inspired by Chrono Trigger
0:49:20 - Shadow Tactics was announced correctly
1:00:30 - Superhot
1:03:25 - Superhot Spoiler Begins
1:07:40 - Superhot Spoiler Ends
1:16:25 - Bejeweled 3
1:17:05 - Gagan beat Super Metroid, again
1:21:05 - Gagan has been playing Pokemon Yellow
1:24:45 - Gagan's early thoughts on The Division and how he came up with Long Division
1:36:10 - We begin wrapping up

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#1 Foolz 2016-04-12 00:45
lol, I hope virtual reality has more appeal than Back to the Future fanboy fantasies.

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