Chris and Gagan break down the miserable launch of Street Fighter V. 

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0:01:30 - Podcast begins
0:04:00 - Street Fighter V talk
0:25:00 - Fire Emblem Fates
0:29:00 - Warren Spector on System Shock 3
0:33:00 - Gagan beat Bully
0:37:00 - Gagan played and beat Firewatch
0:50:45 - Chris beat Undertale
1:05:30 - Ori and the Blind Forest talk
1:26:00 - We start wrapping up. 


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#1 Foolz 2016-03-15 08:30
Gagan and Chris secret graphics whores confirmed.

In my binge of catching up, I think this might be my favourite episode great stuff.

I think Gagan secretly thinks That Dragon, Cancer sucks but is too afraid to hurt the developers feelings...

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