Adam, Gagan, and Christopher discuss what it means to be a gaming website in 2016 and the closure of

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0:00:50 - Podcast Begins
0:02:30 - Superbowl 50 Talk 
0:05:30 - Microsoft First Party and PC
0:30:50 - GameTrailers talk
0:49:30 - Bully talk and Rockstar Games
1:09:22 - The Division Beta by Wasdie
1:28:06 - The Witcher 3 w/ Adam
1:35:15 - Her Story and Chris's indie session
1:59:20 - Wrapping up the podcast. 

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#1 Foolz 2016-03-14 14:34
Oh shit, my own Witcher 3 ? argument is being used against me! :O

I googled 'in bed with games' and got some surprising results...what was her name? was about as clear as "Melborn".

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