On this week's podcast we discuss the rave reviews of X Com 2, Ben's playthrough of The Witness, and how awful mandatory tutorials are. 

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0:00:57 - Podcast Begins. 
0:02:30 - This year is starting off strong. 
0:05:00 - Opening Rant: late game bugs that should be patched. 
0:08:20 - Mandatory Tutorials. 
0:15:00 - Rainbow Six and Hearthstone got major updates. 
0:17:30 - Bad PC Ports. 
0:33:45 - Splatoon is the best selling new ip exclusive. 
0:39:00 - X-Com 2 is 91 on metacritic.
0:58:20 - Rise of the Tomb Raider PC report by Gagan. 
1:10:07 - The Witness
1:30:00 - Patrick Klepek's video on piracy. 
1:37:30 - Jon Blow being outspoken and why that is a good thing. 
1:41:41 - Spyro 2.
1:46:30 - Life is Strange first impressions from Chris. 
1:55:00 - Gameclub games of the month: Grim Fandango and Bully.
1:56:50 - GOTY podcast hosting issues. 
1:59:00 - Our criteria for "best" game. 
2:12:15 - Question time. 
2:33:30 - We wrapping up. 


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#1 Foolz 2016-03-13 10:42
but The Last of Us does have bad storytelling…an d Journey does have bad gameplay. ;)

Also, I think there is a clear principle behind a lot of the discussions in GOTY stuff, where a game that does in fact do everything better than another will lose to another game that is also doing its shit well (just not as well), but is doing new shit, too.

Metroid Prime is still the GOAT for storytelling: a seamless combination of solid technical writing, changing aesthetic and an unintrusive plot all inextricably linked directly to the game's mechanics, structure and composition.

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