No seriously we recorded this on the 30th birthday of the NES, and no one fucking remembered it was the NES's 30th birthday. 

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#3 Foolz 2015-11-08 14:11
lol@good FPS=oxymoron... indeed if your idea of a good FPS is Bioshock and Half_life 2.

I don't know where this fiction came from where I think Journey is mediocre and TLOU very good for reasons primarily other than the gameplay, but it's false.

Gagan's description of Wolfenstein expansion sounded like he was describing the bad things about the main game.

Speaking of Wolfenstein, wow Aljosa went form being best member of EB to the worst: thinks FFXII is one of the best FFs, defends a LOTR film and thinks concentration camp level was good?! WTF!

But it's okay bro, because nothing but my heart is broken...:'(
#2 AngelsandDemons 2015-11-03 03:49
Surprised you guys didn't get into any Halo 5 discussion. I'll reserve my comments until after your critical tirade. I mean, how hard could it be to actually write a story where two Spartans are actually battling out with one another???????? ????????; and, I haven't played the Old Blood yet; but, I was wondering if the expansion did anything in the way of the narrative that was notable. I mean, the New Blood did make you care about your character and cast more than the typical FPS. Lose the friggin fan fiction for freak's sake...
#1 skinny_man_69 2015-11-03 02:47
He definitely didn't remember

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