Did you know that Derek Smart and Chris Roberts are beefing? We talked about. 

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#2 Foolz 2015-10-26 16:52
It's probably not as bad in America, but universaties in Australia are rife with plagiarism, and no one really gives a shit (the main thing is that you ARE paying the fees, after all).

New York Times certainly ain't what it used to be...the blogification of writing extends beyond shitty gaming articles, it's just most obnoxious with gaming because of how bad the writers are.

Coincidentally I played a huge amount of Star Craft after a routine minor surgery resulted in several months of recovery, from the starting point of being unable to walk due to pain and weakness. I also wore a Star Craft t-shirt for much of that time as it was effectively hospital gown-sized.

Props on answering my very important question. :P

Speaking of hospitals, I've played way too many games in hospitals...
#1 AngelsandDemons 2015-10-20 00:39
1)Great hearing William's story; in hearing your stories from last week, I was surprised that I was the only one playing games for escapism and or at least finding existential meaning; seems like William has a soul when it comes to gaming :-)

2) I'd argue that instead of Tolken, you can boil fantasy down to the Bible, all offense to religious listeners aside.

3)Question: Titanfall, and more recently, Battlefront have been criticized by their lack of a campaign, yet many arguably tout that COD should be multiplayer only. Where/who draws the line for when a campaign is necessary to a game's success?

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