We bring back Aljosa this week to talk Soma, Chris beat The Phantom Pain and discusses the ending, and Ben shares the bad news with Gagan that the new Tony Hawk probably sucks. 

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Time Stamps

0:00:40 - Podcast begins.
0:06:00 - Aljosa played Soma. 
0:18:15 - Chris beat Metal Gear Solid V. 
0:29:30 - Rocket League might be Ben and Gagan's favorite game this year. 
0:34:40 - Edge Top 100
0:45:22 - Tony Hawk sucks now : (
0:53:40 - One gotta go. 
1:05:00 - Games that represent a period in our lives. 
1:34:00 - Gagan questions how good this year is. 
1:57:00 - We begin wrapping up.

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#1 Foolz 2015-10-10 11:35
That question was legit, so you're forgiven for not answering mine. But unless he keeps up that quality, then my totally important Stalker question better be answered.

That Tony Hawk vs SSX choice was harder than some of the previous you've brought up. I gotta go with Tony Hawk, because when I saw SSX on PS2 for the first time I couldn't believe my eyes...worth standing in line for like 30 minutes to play for 5 seconds. Holy shit.

(Yet I've put in way more time into Tony Hawk games because that combo shit is excellence. So deep.)

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