Ben, Philip, and Gagan spoil all of Metal Gear Solid V in this podcast. You have been warned. 

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#2 Foolz 2016-03-03 02:22
The Endless Taboo Podcast.

When approaching a subject such as Quiet, y'all need to come a lot harder than that. Chris and Gagan get partial credit for attempting to either differentiate it from other games (bs, MGS has had exploitative framing since the PS game) or understand it dramatically (the problem is, you still need to justify why exactly you need to handle rape so delicately, which is an hilarious statement taken out of context, an adult can differentiate between fact and fiction, right?) respectively. The rest of the I feel like story discussions are one of the weaker parts of the show in general; less thought seems to go into them, and they're usually pretty verbose. This all boiled down to "yo Kojima has teh hubris, Konami are teh shits, anime is teh bullshits." But it's totally my fault for listening to anything that devotes itself to a 2 hour + discussion to pretty much just the story of MGSVee. :P No one else could've pulled it off, either.
#1 AngelsandDemons 2015-10-11 18:31
I have to be honest; I just finished playing through Ground Zeroes and I got MGSV out the shrinkwrap and downloaded and ready to go. If the game shows obvious signs of incompletion and the greatest lack of story from all the games, I really don't see how it's going to make it to the GOTY discussions. GZ had impeccable gameplay, agreed. It just seems like all the reasons to keep it out of GOTY honors have already been made. I'll be playing it this week. Great Podcast!....

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