No seriously, some of the people who make Mario levels are scumbags.

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Time Stamps

0:00:57 - Podcast Begins
0:05:00 - Super Mario Maker
0:26:30 - Diverging missing designs. 
0:41:30 - Mercenaries and holiday stuff. 
0:47:00 - Video game endings. 
0:56:30 - Video game story telling through gameplay. 
1:26:00 - Video games and sequelitis.
1:35:30 - Spec Ops talk.
1:54:00 - Deliberate controls. 
1:58:00 - Papers, Please.
1:59:00 - We spoil The Darkness.
2:00:00 - Back to Papers, Please talk.
2:01:50 - We spoil Shovel Knight.
2:03:00 - Her Story is cool. 
2:05:00 - True endings are lame. 
2:07:00 - Nerd voice Gagan post. 
2:11:00 - Metal Gear talk. 
2:21:00 - One gotta go. 
2:32:00 - We begin wrapping up. 

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#3 Foolz 2015-10-04 14:04
Truck is still 100% on point: shitting on TLOU and Journey.

I blacked out at points during that section, but did Gagan seriously not mention Stalker in that whole divergence discussion? (This is my question for you guys.) :P

Great to have Brian back now and then. I think he usually brings up interesting stuff.

Also, I think episodes like this where you kinda flow seamlessly from subject to subject (and it feels you haven't really planned anything) often work the best. But if you try to deliberately do it in the future...then it'll feel like you planned something, so this is useless advice. :P
#2 AngelsandDemons 2015-09-26 19:44
3) QUESTION: Do any of you have a game that signifies a particularly meaningful period in your life? For me, Darksiders 2; I broke up with this chick who was like Mary Jane Parker and was going insane mentally. As I traversed those shitty dungeons and grinded through that ultimately lackluster experience, it felt as if I were working out the crappy ending of that relationship. So, finishing the game was a sort of catharsis that enabled me to get over that relationship. GREAT SHOW!!....that Ben guy is alright with me :-)
#1 AngelsandDemons 2015-09-26 19:41
1) I can't BELIEVE YOU GUYS DIDN'T PLAY THORIGH BLOPS 2. I mean, playing through COD campaigns gives you the right to renew your license to crap on the franchise every year. But, in all seriousness, there weren't just choice A or B scenarios. With the combination of A and B scenarios in addition to those spiteful Strikeforce missions, there were like 6 different endings to the game ranging from Brady Bunch perfect to everyone turns into a zombie.
2) SPEC OPS: I thought the game was more about making you feel like garbage as a result of your excellent game play. The title screen highlighted this as it went from the flowing US flag upside down representing all hell was breaking loose to the flag and outpost becoming barren and destroyed; perhaps it was representative of the mental state of the protagonist.

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