We're all busy playing Metal Gear Solid V right now, so here is the podcast we recorded last week with us complaining about review events. It's mostly Gagan complaining. 

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0:00:54 - Podcast Begins.
0:04:00 - Metal Gear Solid V reviews and review events. 
0:16:42 - Gagan's displeasure with Kojima. 
0:22:00 - More review event talks. 
0:27:10 - Our thoughts on the sparse nature of MGSV's story, and William needs to stop hitting the space bar. 
0:28:15 - Ben is wrong.
0:29:45 - How the current generation has done so far. 
0:31:40 - Gagan on the Metal Gear series in retrospect. 
0:50:25 - Ben is going back through Ground Zeroes. 
0:56:10 - Gagan going full integrity against video game stories.
1:00:50 - We're back on Metal Gear talk, I swear it ends soon.
1:00:40 - One Has To Go.
1:08:30 - Xbox UI needs to be fixed.
1:22:30 - Chris on Old Rare and Battletoads.
1:35:15 - Backlog check with Chris and Ben.
1:38:40 - Assassin's Creed talk.
1:41:45 - Gears of War Remaster.
1:53:00 - Halo 2 Remaster check in and multiplayer discussion. 
2:05:00 - We start wrapping up. 

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#1 Foolz 2015-09-20 09:57
The Konami vs Kojima bashing (i.e. easy as fuck to bash Konami, meanwhile sucking off Kojima even though he was the dick for some of these things in the first place*) was beautifully on point.

*See, how I continued that metaphor?

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