We're super late on this, but we did podcast about Gamescom 2015. 

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0:00:55 - Podcast Intros Begin.
0:05:07 - Aljosa's boys Square-Enix.
0:15:30 - Annoying Releases.
0:18:30 - Hitman is Early Access.
0:19:45 - Back to Square.
0:25:00 - Gagan is complaining about Capcom again this week.
0:29:00 - Microsoft at Gamescom and into Quantum Break.
0:35:15 - Crackdown 3.
0:41:30 - Scalebound.
0:49:00 - Console JRPGs making a comeback?
0:55:30 - Mojang's new IP.
0:59:30 - A lack of creativity. 
1:05:45 - We Happy Few.
1:09:00 - Halo 5 showing.
1:11:45 - Rise of the Tomb Raider.
1:16:30 - Halo Wars.
1:20:30 - Microsoft's presentation and pacing. 
1:21:50 - Gagan goes full nerd about Halo. 
1:26:00 - Xbox One Lineup going forward.
1:29:15 - Games we gave too much undeserved love. 
1:36:30 - Shameless plug and still games that got too much love in the early portion of this gen. 
1:40:15 - Pun time and we start wrapping up. 

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#3 Helen 2015-10-27 11:13
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#2 Foolz 2015-08-17 13:26
Aljosa was in fine form on this one. Everyone else was banal in comparison.
#1 AngelsandDemons 2015-08-15 16:39
Gagan....we should always be in the process of making ourselves and work stronger, right? :-)

I need an update from you guys on your backlog. For example, for me, it's MGS 3. I started it last summer and have played through to two boss fights and haven't gotten back to it but would really like to before the Phantom Pain comes out. What game (s) are you really trying to get to but are constantly not having the time?

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