Gagan and Adam take over podcasting duties for this week and mouth off on Wasdie games. From how cool Cities Skylines is, how badass Killing Floor is, and exactly what the hell Running with Rifles is. 

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#1 Foolz 2015-05-16 12:03
:O The return of Adam "Wasdie". Love how the talk kept sliding back to Stalker.

Uncharted 3: literally broken shooter mechanics (whatever, it also has 2's), for every good moment, there's 5 genuinely terrible ones, and the good ones often last way too long.

Uncharted 1: shitty, but not broken shooting d moments? well, not really, but it's never as bad as U3 often is.

3 is definitely worse than 1 (if only marginally).

Killing Floor sounds fantastic. Free weekend made a completely meh first impression, which makes sense given how you guys described it.

P.S. Revengeance: 10th best game of the gen.

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