We came back from our week off with our reaction to all the news of the last 2 weeks like - Valve selling mods, Battlefront 3 footage, and the annual announcement of a Call of Duty game.

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#1 AngelsandDemons 2015-05-06 05:07
Speaking of Call of Duty, I find it surprising that no one talks bout the most revolutionary aspect that has been added to the games since MW...the damn branching story paths for Black Ops 2. I mean, the damn Strike Force Missions were annoying, but overall at least they were meaningful to the narrative. I know the main audience for COD is the multiplayer... at least in terms of its longevity; however, I'm the annual buyer that get the game for the campaign, plays it through all difficulties, plays a little multiplayer and then sells it off. I need that campaign for the same reason that Titanfall needed one to get players to buy into its world...for the same reason many will ignore Battlefront. Advanced Warfare was lame...it meant well, but it was lame, like that dog in Ghosts....off to bed now.....keep rocking the great podcasts!

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