Gagan forces Ben and Brian to join his crusade about celebrating how glorious the two Bayonetta games are. 

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#2 Phil_Fogg 2015-03-22 06:34
Sorry guys, I could not bring myself to listen to this one. 2 Hours of Bayonetta, nut uh.

I love SEGA though, and I loved that aspect of the game (the homages) so maybe I will listen if I get into a podcast drought.
#1 Foolz 2015-03-15 15:06
It's even worse than that. I actually bought Bayonetta 2 + 1 and haven't played it yet. But literally after I bought it I had like 5 long as fuck games I had to review, so I actually have a valid excuse to not have played it since buying it. Oh well, I'm up to the last one...and it's a fucking JRPG. :|

Anyway, I think this was actually better than the RE4 podcast, as the games got fairer coverage (like entertaining possible flaws, for instance). Very good listen, gentlemen.

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