The Endless Backlog podcast crew of Christopher, Philip, and Gagan give you a top to bottom rundown of why you should be playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. 

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0:00:00 - Cold Open
0:00:55 - Podcast begins, but not really 
0:01:20 - Podcast begins for good this time
0:02:40 - Computer troubles
0:05:50 - smh Canada
0:09:00 - Monolith Productions and their handle on First Person Combat
0:13:10 - Condemned and the 360's launch window, and the Monolith on a downswing 
0:19:00 - Shadow of Mordor and The Nemesis System
0:27:50 - Next Gen vs Cross Gen
0:36:50 - How Mordor improves beyond being "Batman Combat" 
0:41:20 - How runes give the player incentive to game The Nemesis System
0:56:00 - The mission designs 
1:12:30 - The story
1:29:00 - Spoilers end, and we go back to how games are handling death
1:37:00 - Assassin's Creed talk, and Phil dissing The Evil Within
1:44:45 - The legacy question: Monolith
1:47:00 - Wrap up: see you next time when we do Alien Isolation v The Evil Within

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#3 luigi4235 2015-02-21 13:06
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
#2 skinny_man_69 2014-10-28 11:35
Quoting Foolz:
Chris and philip sound like they would dig Stalker. :P

Oh I dug STALKER. It just scared me a little bit D:
#1 Foolz 2014-10-28 08:54
Chris and philip sound like they would dig Stalker. :P

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