This week the podcast crew is back on the best of generation 7 grind with a discussion on who were the best characters of the generation. 

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#1 Foolz 2014-10-12 04:50
I don't think the created character argument when applied to Lee is very good. The choices were obviously written to give the player a false sense of impact, but because the impact was effectively false, it meant that Lee didn't merely become a vessel for the player like Shepherd Freeman etc. Although the player chose what to do, how this choice was acted out was very much in-line with Lee's personality. Which is pretty easy to describe: he's a bit of a boring knob who, while vaguely regretting what he did, doesn't feel much remorse, is somewhat bitter, and latches on to Clementine as a way of regaining his humanity.

That's not necessarily a good character (and it certainly sounds bland described like that lol). But it's still a character. Not every character has to have an overbearing personality.

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