The Endless Backlog podcast crew is joined by guests this week from the Pedal to the Metal podcast from Point Insertion on Youtube to talk Destiny. We talk the good, the bad, and a righteous rant on Bungie's place among the best developers. 

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Anyway here are timestamps for this week's podcast: 

0:00:50 – Intro
0:03:50 – Bungie Choked
0:04:25 – Bungie History Lesson
0:09:35 – Bungie’s Legacy and Halo
0:15:35 – Destiny
0:18:32 – Apologies to Chris
0:19:20 – Mythic naming and why it’s lame when The Bungie does it
0:22:50 – Bungie’s other story telling failures
0:30:20 – Exploration
0:33:00 – Repetitive missions and was it all cross gen’s fault?
0:36:15 – Wasdie says tech stuff
0:41:24 – Bullet sponge bosses, Raids, and MMO delay tactics
0:45:56 – Loot
0:56:55 – Shallow RPG
0:59:50 – What’s a Raid, and how Destiny handles it
1:03:50 – No proximity chat, no trading, and this is online why?
1:17:55 – The lack of excitement and the formulaic nature of the enemies
1:34:35 – Dinklebot so serious
1:52:50 – MMO drawbacks with none of the positives.
2:07:50 – Inflated video game scores because of production value
2:14:20 – Chris’s lasting thoughts on Destiny plus what he’s looking forward to
2:16:15 – Shadow of Mordor and Lord of the Rings talk
2:17:20 – Eroica/Jeff’s lasting thoughts and what he’s looking forward to
2:19:55 – Animal/John’s lasting thoughts and what he’s looking forward to
2:23:20 – Wasdie’s lasting thoughts on Destiny and what he’s looking forward to
2:27:33 – Heil is enjoying Diablo 3, what he’s looking forward to, and lol Destiny
2:29:10 – Justice
2:38:35 – Wrap up

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#1 Foolz 2014-09-29 11:26
So much facepalming at the end: the film silliness and then after the decrying of idiotic game rating systems, everyone's giving it 5s-7s...smh.

Other than that good shit. I felt almost as much vindication as Gagan, being of a similar opinion when it comes to Halo's supposed innovation (innovation is ALMOST a fair term as it doesn't necessarily apply to doing new things, but also using old things in new ways; which Halo does with the console qualifier. But things like original and groundbreaking. gtfo) but the best bit was the AI. Yes. I get SO MUCH SHIT whenever I point out how unimpressive Halo AI has been since CE. So good that everyone had to sit there and take it and STFU. :P

P.S. Last-gen holding it back is such a weak sauce excuse. GTAV happened. Oh, but wait, Rockstar are amazing devs...well, isn't that what Bungie are meant to be? Anyway, if you're too fucking stupid to choose the right things to sacrifice, it's still your fault; not the limitations'.

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