This week the boys talk about Wolfenstein: The New Order from Machine Games on episode 27 of the Brocast. Gagan, Phil, and Will break down the aesthetic, the tight action, the encounter design, and the bold decision to have 2 sex scenes in one video game. 

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Tom Stamp-

0:00:00 - Cold open
0:00:45 - Podcast begins
0:01:55 - Gagan cuts through the jive
0:04:15 - Wolfenstein: The New Order
0:05:50- Why Gagan has to do a timeline, and why it's called a Tom Stamp
0:06:30 - Red Dead Redemption spoiler
0:07:00 - We finally begin talking about Machine Games the developer of Wolfenstein: The New Order
0:10:00 - Level design in The New Order
0:12:20 - The value of Stealth in The New Order
0:15:30 - The movement and why Starbreeze/Machine Games is good at it
0:17:00 - No feet thing + Pun
0:21:00 - The best part of the whole game
0:28:00 - How to get the players into getting secrets and collectibles 
0:30:20 - Ludonarrative dissonance is bullshit, and The New Order's horrifying aesthetic
0:31:50 - The romanticized takes of the 1960's and The New Order's take on the 1960's
0:38:30 - Spoilers Tom from here forward
1:15:00 - A single player FPS that isn't Bioshock
1:16:30 - Will is the reason we played it
1:17:45 - What's old isn't new, what's old is being done better
1:21:45 - Wolfenstein The Newest Order wishlist
1:27:00 - Gagan explains his score, and we get a score from Phil and Will as well
1:29:15 - Inconsistent tone is a dumb complaint
1:30:30 - Spoiler: stupid scene
1:33:00 - Finishing up

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#2 Phil_Fogg 2014-09-19 05:49
After finishing the game I listened. Did not agree with some of it, but all in all good coverage for a much under-rated game.
#1 Phil_Fogg 2014-08-20 09:05
I only listened to half since I am still playing.

So far I have been totally in love with the game. Now I am growing cold on it.

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