The Endless Brocast Crew is back with another episode of The Endless Brocast. This week, we talk Pokémon. Yes, you read that right. The Endless Brocast Crew talks Pokémon X & Y and we delve into one of the deepest (*ding*) and most nuanced battle systems in gaming, a side of the Pokémon games that rarely sees any serious discussion outside of competitive circles. And, of course, we have another edition of our perennially renamed segment, Endless Fan-Fiction Theater. So join Justin McBride, Brian Margheim and your host Gagandeep Singh for Episode 16 of The Endless Brocast.

Check out Chris and Justin's joint review of Pokémon X & Y here

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#1 Foolz 2014-05-06 09:02
Fruit was fucked this year, apparently worldwide. The world is ending etc.

Michael Vick is DEFINITELY the direction you should have gone for your article lol.

This was the best fan fiction theatre thus far as well. That was actually a pretty good story for fan fiction to be honest, too. This could be a surprisingly successful gimmick.

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