Hey, it's Wednesday and it's time for another episode of The Endless Brocast. This week we kick off our best of generation 7 series.This is the start of a series of podcasts that will lead into the summer and ultimately create our collective top 10 games of the generation. To start things we off, we went with the best of the third person shooter genre. Talking everything from pacing to enemy variety, and the scourge of modern videogames: Cinematic Walking (thanks Gears of War) . Justin has Binary Domain spoiled for him, Aljosa tries to troll us with Splinter Cell Conviction, and Gagan does what Gagan does: host.

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#2 Phil_Fogg 2014-09-19 05:52
Warhammer Space Marines FTW!
#1 Foolz 2014-03-29 02:55
Fuck yes that this is going to be a series.
Alijosa stoned off his fucking face, and still on point.

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