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 Wasdie breaks down his favorite 10 games of the 7th generation.

Will breaks down his top 10 games of the seventh console generation.

The previous generation crossed eight years of gaming history, longer than any other generation to date. Regardless, only ten games could stand atop our list of the greatest titles of that period. Here are our picks.

What were the best games from last year? The Endless Backlog staff slugged it out, and when the dust settled, these games were the ones left standing. Here are our Top Ten Games of 2014:

As Gagan would put it: The true best games of the generation.

Chris's favorite games of gen 7. Spoiler Alert: Persona 4 is on it, because reasons. 

Here are the games Kira thought were the best gen 7 had to offer.

Here are the 10 games Ben deems to be the 10 best gen 7 had to offer. 

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